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Chamonix, France

October 18, 2005

I'm moving here....

So we did some last-minute change of plans and decided to go visit Grenoble, since it seemed like an area where we might want to do a "year abroad" kind of thing. While on the train there, we made a spur-of-the-moment decision do go to Annecy instead. I was only a few more stops up the line, and looked a bit closer to the alps.

We spent two nights in Annecy, which was a really cool little city. They have a gorgeous lake (lac d'Annecy) and a sweet old town center. It's also very close to l'Alp d'huez of Tour De France fame. We were going to rent a car and do some exploring of the local area, but they didn't have any way to get insurance against an accident if it was our fault. Since that seemed a bit too risky given our unfamiliarity with European driving, we decided to skip that. Too bad.

However, it all worked out for the best. We figured out it would only take 2 hours to take the train to Chamonix and get a real taste of the alps. So here we are, having just spent the day atop the Aiguille d'Midi taking in the views of Mont Blanc and the stunning alps. I couldn't be more excited! This place is so awesome! The climbing, skiing and mountaineering potential of the alps is staggering!

It?s a real nice change of pace to be surrounded by glaciers and craggy peaks for a while. The Mont Blanc glacier comes down almost to the edge of town! The trees are all changing color right up to treeline - and to think we thought we would miss fall! It's breathtaking.

To top it all off, I was able to pick up a WiFi signal in our room. Pretty awesome.

We're off to Paris tomorrow - too soon for me, but I have a feeling I'll be back here more sooner than later.

We've also been brushing up on our French, and doing quite well at it. I'm determined to become bi-lingual someday.

From: your name

These pictures are breath taking. I can see that Luke might have found another place to live with mt. Do the people use the water to travel on like streets? The water looks very calm not like it does in boulder coming out of the mt.

From: mum

Chamonix and Mount Blanc.....fabulous...and aren't you glad you took those tennies? And thanks so much for those pics with Marilyn, Michele and Tao, who does not look to be in his late 70's!! Enjoy Paris with your Pops.

From: Pa

What are your Paris plans now.. are you staying later than the 25th... I may be delayed a day and want to know what your plans are... drop an email... use gmail as well as CO just in case. Nice shots of the Alps..... I'll visit you there too!

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