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Pai, Thailand

November 25, 2005

Hey all -- Happy Thanksgiving to all those Americans reading the site and Happy Random Thursday to the rest!

We hopped a bus this morning to Pai after a quick breakfast and some Thanksgiving phone calls home to our families in CA, IL and TX. Obie and Shelbey hosted a group at their house and broke in their new, amazing outdoor kitchen. At Juliann's (my sister), my gourmet chef of a brother, Brandon, made 6 courses of yumminess for my mom, dad, Juliann, Guy, Max, Sam and Maggie. His lovely wife, Rhonda, acting as his sous chef. In Texas, my brother Jeff spent the day with his wife, Kim and my nieces, Danielle and Haley at Kim's mom and dad's house. Kim's mom is an amzing cook too! We were sorry that we all of those parties!

Luke and I signed ourselves up for an all day Thai cooking course and had a blast. We learned some great new recipes, met some a nice couple that had just moved to Boulder before they came to Thailand and had a great time cooking and sharing 2 meals with our classmates. We can't wait to put what we learned to use in our own kitchen. Luke had gotten me a wok that we have used only a few times so far but we have some big plans for that thing!

We are behind in getting photos up but we have been trying to lay low a bit. We are tired and Thailand is laid back and it's easy to just kinda "be" here. We are now in a great little mountain town in northern Thailand, near the Burma/Thai border, where we will stay until making the way back to Bangkok for our flight to Bali. I just really want to sing "One night in Bangkok" at least once while we are in Bangkok. I am hoping my cough clears up before my big debut!

We met a great couple (Elisa and Adam) from Boston on the bus ride up to Pai this morning. They are on their honeymoon too! They are doing a Pacific Ocean loop for 3 months. We had dinner with them tonight and found out they are moving to Boulder when they get back. They already have ski passes! We are grateful to find some great friends here that will be close at home too. Adam is a tele skier and Elisa is trading in her snowboard soon enough. That is really all it takes to be Luke's buddy *wink*wink*

We have some good bits to share about baby elephants and massage but that will be tomorrow or the day after because we are full from dinner and tired.

Diana -- thanks for all your great pointers for Thailand! You're the best.

Maria -- Thanks for your Thanksgiving greeting. That was so sweet and we so happy to get some Thanksgiving love from home.

Love to you all

November 28, 2005

We're leaving Thailand today, and we're really bummed about it. We've had such a great time here, but it was just way to short. Only 8 days! We loved the little town of Pai where we spent the last few days. We had a prefect little stilt-bamboo bungalow surrounded by jungle and papaya trees. We enjoyed hours of traditional Thai massage, ate great food and scooted around the countryside on our little motorbike.

It was really some of the most enjoyable time we've spent so far.

We took the bus last night from Pai back to Chiang Mai and this morning we're catching a flight back to Bangkok. Then we fly Bangkok to Singapore and on to Denpasar, Bali. Quite a long day - I hope we make all our connections. We have a friend meeting us tonight in Bali, so we're excited about that.

Hope everyone is well!

From: krista

i was so happy to get back to my internet connection so i could read more! it sounds like you are really enjoying thailand. i am sure it's fantastic. the photos are just beautiful. really, all of them have been so interesting. i want some mango and sticky was rainy and dreary here so your photos and blog were like calgon (they took me away!) ;)

From: Traditions Catering

check your email for some incredible news

From: mcfly

awesome shots! and check your email for some not-really-that-incredible-but-news-nonetheless.

From: Elisa & Adam

Hey guys-- it was great having dinner with you in Pai. Hopefully, we'll see you on the slopes in Colorado! Safe Travels to you both and enjoy!

From: Francie and Bob

Hi,Luke and Nichole, What a fantastic trip you've had! We've been checking your website now and then, I hope you keep it up for a long time after your trip because we haven't seen nearly all of it. We greatly admire your determination to do such a dream trip and see so much of the parts of the world that hardly any Americans have seen. Have a great time in Bali! Sorry we'll miss you in Aus, but we are looking forward HUGELY to our little trip there, unadventurous though it may be. We do plan to see your parents, Luke, but not until after you have returned home. Bob and I have had a pretty rough fall, but at least are situated in a place where we expect to live for several months without having to move. We're at Mollie's and Stef's which is very lovely and peaceful. Bob's commute isn't too bad, and I enjoy mostly getting to hang around here. We haven't made any decisions about whether we'll buy a house in the U.S. or where we might buy one, but we're determined to spend months at a time each year in Aus somehow or other after Bob retires next year. Love, Francie

From: Roger Miller

Sounds like you guys are having a total blast. Very very cool. best, Roger

From: pops

Hi you two. We assume that you are settled into Bali and away from the madness of Kuta. Will be interested to hear how Bali feels after the other adventures you've had over the past couple of months. Love, Pa

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